Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bringing Back Memories!

It's almost summer (and well starting to feel that way here already!), the school year is ending and it's Prom season for the high schools.. it's so fun seeing all the groups of dressed up teens out at the restaurants before their big dance! Brings back memories!

and just in time Chi Chi Memories has this fabulous Prom Girl image- she's so sweet! I'm still slightly obsessed with the teal/aqua color an decided to toss in some coral accents...

Oh La La!

and somehow this one didn't get posted last week (darn blogger!) I absolutely love this Cheerleader girl & I just HAD to color her up using my college colors- Maroon & Gold- Go Sun Devils!


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  1. Lovely cards!! LOVE the orange and blue colors in the top one!!!


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