Thursday, August 27, 2015

Flipeez & Firefighter

Just another quick post to share a couple more scrapbook layouts I've done in the past few weeks...

My cardmaking mojo appears to be on vacation... hopefully it'll be back soon.  In the meantime I will gladly take this scrapbooking kick!

To go along with the previous page I shared (here) I made this layout to match since my son was wearing the same sweatshirt!


My son and my nieces all got these cute Flipeez hats a few years ago and he loved wearing it.  His is a puppy and when you squeeze one of the tassels the ears on the top flip up and down!

For Halloween the same year, (so close to finishing 2013!) we dressed Cayden up as a cute little firefighter. Except we had one problem- HE REFUSED TO WEAR THE COSTUME! Thankfully after a lot of patience & persistence he finally decided to wear it a little bit a day the week of Halloween! I took all I could get and as many photos as I could *just in case* he changed his mind on Halloween night!

Lil Firefighter

And wouldn't you know it - he wore the costume all night and had a blast!

I still have a few more to share... but I'll save those for another post ;)


  1. Adorable pages!!! LOVE the colors in both!!!

  2. Look at your scrapping away with a newborn, I'm so impressed and a little jealous! These are adorable!!!


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