Friday, October 14, 2011

Katie's Miracle

I am writing this morning about and for Katie Renz you can meet her HERE on her Card blog and HERE on her Family Blog. 

Many of you may know that she has a wonderful husband, 3 beautiful little boys, that she is a super Mommy and way talented crafter...she also has Stage 4 Gastic Cancer.

Today, her husband wrote an update on her blog. I am continuing to pray for Katie's Miracle, I hope will join me!

LORi Boyd was asked to design a stamp for Katie, she did and received an email from Katie telling her how much she loved it.  She said it really was her boys. She was so very very sweet and very appreciative!  Sooooo, we are doing a HUGE push of this image for her boys!!  It just so happens that her 2 little guys have a birthday on the 19th of this month and her big boy has one on the 1st of December. We would LOVE to bless them with a wonderful birthday and Christmas, so that Kevin and Katie do not have to think of worry about that!!



or if you'd like to donate what you wish:

_________All donations will receive a random image__________ 


If ANY of you would like to help spread the word on EVERY forum, blog, etc etc you can think of then the proceeds will go to The Renz Family...I and I know they would be so appreciate that we are helping to wrap her boys with our love and care.

We are also asking everyone to make a card with their image and mail it to Katie (her boys), if you would like to...the address is below:

P.O. Box 5913

Bellingham, Washington


THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for supporting and loving Katie and her Family!   
PLEASE keep Praying for Katie's Miracle!!


  1. Lysa,

    I'm following the blog of Katie and her family. They are always in my thoughts... This is such a strong and warm family... I donated with pleasure, thanks for doing this for her family! :)

    Greetings from Belgium,

  2. My thoughts go out to her and her family! I've been following the story. That image is really perfect, such a sweet card!


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